Tuesday, February 26, 2008

First Day of Preschool

So Eva went to preschool today and had a good time. She was content to play with the play kitchen and scoot over to the books (we'd visited the classroom a few times already) and even said "Bye, mama! See you!" when I said she was going to stay and play and I was going to go. Until my hand touched the doorknob to leave. She turbo-scooted across the floor with a whimper and a distressing expression. I offered some sort of soothing words, though in my rattled state I don't recall what they were. The classroom assistant said, "Go. It's OK. You can call us any time you need to." Whoosh. I closed the door behind me.
I walked down the hallway; searching for the nearest exit; blinking furiously. Every cell was tingling and I was trembling slightly. My chest felt curiously like it would both collapse inward and explode at the same time. As the cool outside air filled my lungs I thought, "I'm not far enough into my life to have a kid in school". By that, I meant, my memories of my childhood friends' parents were that they were adults. They had it all figured out. They didn't have the insecurities, doubt, and emotional turmoil we kids had. It's possible I was mislead by their taller stature and that some of them had life no more figured out than I did then. Than I do now.
I drove home in a fog. Mixed-emotion tears and a wry, proud smirk on my face. I had grand plans of an hour and some of yoga in a quiet house this morning. But a bladder infection, which assailed me last night and a mind full of words itching to get on paper put those plans on hold. Maybe tomorrow.
When I picked Eva up, two hours later, she seemed neither stricken by my absence nor reluctant to leave school. She chatted at me all the way home, about swings, trains, and backpacks. She was tired early this evening though has been fighting the sleepies. Her little brain a firestorm of synapses. Thus began our long journey through public school.

"Go ahead, mama. I'm ready for school".

Monday, February 25, 2008

Beautiful Birthday

Friday was a gorgeous, warm day for Eva's big oh-3 birthday. We spent almost two hours on a walk and playing at the park up the hill. We spent some good mommy-daughter time together, just hanging out, basking and relaxing. Spring is coming.

Thank you to everyone for your birthday gifts and well-wishes. I am so grateful to have so many caring people in our lives.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Eva starts special ed preschool on Tuesday (2/26) at Northern Heights ES! Excitement and anxiety are closely related emotions and I think they're both in me right now. More to come next week...

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Rock Out!

I swear, I never get tired of watching her enjoying music. Do you? (This is KT Tunstall, FYI). In the second one, she's singing/signing "no, no, no, noooo" and "woo hoo" to the music and says "bye-bye, see you, hagaday!" (have a good day).

Sunday, February 17, 2008


Eva and Jerry were rockin' out yesterday to a nitty-gritty down-low blues riff. She feels the blues, way down in her very soul. Sing it, sister.


A moment in our lives February 1, 2008. Eva loves to feed baby--much more than she loves to feed herself. Hey, if it gives her the sense of power she needs to be in control of the food, then whatever. And, it's darn cute (again) to just sit back and watch her. Baby's eating some savory wooden food. Eva says and/or signs cheese, bread, bib, bowl, spoon, baby out and some other stuff...

Jam Session

Eva and Jerry play music and sing A LOT (drums, xylophone, tambourine, shakers, guitar, piano, etc. etc. etc.) It brings me such joy to see them absorbed in their own world together. This was last month. She's wearing my belt as a guitar strap.

KT's Groove v.2

Here we are in October 07, rockin' out, again, to KT Tunstall. She has pretty good moves for being on her bum! She counts to three at the beginning. Then, gets side-tracked by her car book (she signs "car").

Eva's Got Da Blues

In mid-August 07, Eva figured out how to blow thru her harmonica! A big accomplishment, as any SLP or parent of a kid with oral motor issues would appreciate. Plus, it's darn cute. Again, we're a blues-y household.

Where's Mama?

This game went on and on and on. She just kept laughing HYSTERICALLY! This is from July 07.


This video is from May 07 (she's 2 and some yrs. old) when she was pushing her car and saying "Wheeee!!" I just love her girly little voice.

KT's Groove

OK, so the video feature was new to me at the time (March 07) so it's sideways. Anyway, Eva's rockin' out to KT Tunstall. We love KT Tunstall in this house.