Thursday, July 31, 2008

This Is How It's Done

I recently bought Eva a winter coat (on super clearance!) It has a zip-out puffy jacket--magenta--and a lighter weight rain coat with. She picked it out. She loves herself some pink and pink! Here, she demonstrates how to put on your coat, even if it is a little big just yet.
First, you put your arms in like this...

...then you try to get your hands out of the sleeves and purse your lips at Momma cuz the coat's too big...
...and then you flip the whole thing over your head and--ta da!--your coat is on and hood is up and you are so proud of yourself!

Eva's Art Show

A few weeks ago, we had a Summer BBQ and Art Show featuring Eva's artwork from school. Thanks to our many friends who joined us for a relaxing afternoon!
Eva's art from school

More art from school

The "Arteest"getting some love from Mommy.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Mz. Independent

Eva and I were running errands today. She was feeling the need to continuously express her fervent opinions to me and I was thinking "OK, let's get thru this and get home!" At Fred Meyer, our last stop, nearing the finish line. I was gently but firmly dragging her (she insisted on walking but was stopping every couple feet to complain) from the bathroom toward the bank of shopping carts, sharing knowing smiles with other moms. In front of Playland (where you drop your kids to play with their toys for up to an hour) she stopped dead in her tracks, the soles of her shoes suddenly stuck to the primary-colored tiles. "C'mon, honey", I cajoled. "Play mommeeeee!"

I'd never taken her to Playland before and she'd never show any interest in going. So, OK. Let's do it. She went thru the door and was busily playing before I'd even signed my name. Walking away to get a shopping cart, I could hardly keep the smile from my lips. I was free to shop without a whining child--for the next 60 minutes. But I was also proud of my big brave girl and my heart swelled with love. I dawdled thru the store and picked her up 45 minutes later. She had a great time and was in much better spirits when we left.

Once we got home, I got the wagon out to put all our bags in and pull to the house. Usually, she sits in the wagon with the bags and we make only one trip from the car. Today, she wanted to help. "Push, mommy, push". I was going to have her walk holding my hand while I pulled the wagon, but she had a better idea. She cruised (holding on to the wagon and walking sideways) from the front to the back. "Push, mommy!" I pulled the wagon and she walked from behind, pushing all the way into the garage. Cruising and walking while pushing something are both skills we are practicing. I was so proud of her that a) she did it and b) she came up with the ideas all by herself. Then she helped unload the groceries in the kitchen, ate miniscule bits of raw broccoli and scooted away with the bag of chocolate chips.

Life is so good on the days when I can enjoy the little things like these.