Sunday, June 22, 2008

Beach Babes

Eva and I took a last minute trip to Lincoln City, Oregon this week to visit my brother, Tom. Tom has a little place one block from a beach access and we were graced with gorgeous, sunny weather--warm, even! Eva and I had a lovely time traveling. She is great on adventures; keeps herself happy and busy in the car and loves to watch the scenery go by. Even though I was plagued by shivering fever and massive, raw, painful tonsils of tonsilitis the entire trip, (sorry for the cooties left behind, Tom!) the three of us enjoyed our time hanging out together as a family.
One of Eva's favorite games was to chase the waves out to sea. Thank god for Tom because I was in no condition to run back and forth on the beach over and over. And over. I took these pics from my spot in the sand at Pacific Beach.

And squeal and laugh as the waves chased her. She tried to turn and look at how close they were while she was running. And squealing and laughing.

A niece and an uncle chilling in the sand.

What to do when you have sand in everywhere and Uncle Tommy has only a stand-up shower? Improvise with a storage tub, of course!

Making fast motorcycle noises at a park a couple blocks from Tom's place. This was the day before we left--the first non-sunny day.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Little Steps

Eva took her first unassisted steps yesterday at Jayna Bean's seizure free celebration! It all starts with three staggering steps (and months and months and months of hard work). Yay, Eva!!


Thanks, Daddy!

Jerry built Eva a playground in the backyard. It's so fun and sturdy (we can sit in the fort and swing on the swings, too!!) Jerry did a great job completing this massive project in his "spare time" with minimal help from me. Of course, it's been raining almost constantly for more than a week, so she's been able to play on it only a little bit. Summer's coming, right? Thanks, Jerry! I've always wanted a swing in my back yard! I mean, Eva. Eva's always wanted a swing...

Here's the frame! Wow, that's gonna be big.

Laying the decking and putting up the rails.

YAY! Hi Mommy!!
(it will have a slide next to the stairs when we buy one)

And here is Eva checking out her completed playground for the first time. Oh, the joy!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

A Walking Girl

Eva's doing great walking holding one hand. She's taken a couple stumbling steps between people but I don't know if she knew she was on her own. I'm so thrilled to be able to have her walk next to me. I've been waiting for this for over two years (she's 3 yrs. 3 mo.) We walk thru the stores together; we go across the street to get the mail. And slowing down to her pace is a good exercise in slowing my mind down, too, which is always necessary and good. Here are a couple videos in our backyard from this afternoon. You'll notice her big exciting playground in the background that Jerry has been working on. I'll post a series of pictures of the project when he's finished with it, later this week.

Burnin' Off Some Energy

Before bed last night, Eva was singing into her shaker (like a microphone) while watching Celtic Thunder w/Jerry on PBS. Of course, she wouldn't do it for the camera till the last two seconds of the video. Oh well. Anyway, she tried to stand several times and got some good downward dog poses in there, too.