Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Folklife Festival

The Space Needle at dusk.

We enjoyed a fabulous, fun, relaxing weekend as a little family of three. We spent the better part of Saturday and Sunday at the Seattle Center watching cool musicians of every sort, dancing with the huge crowds and people watching. Eva had a lot more fun than when we took her two years ago and we did, too. She spent the nights at my mom's and Jerry and I had a hotel room a couple blocks from the Seattle Center. He and I had some much needed couple time to remember why we married each other--five years ago Saturday--and remind ourselves that we still like to hang out together. The three of us had some much needed family time to relax, have fun, enjoy music out of our usual genres, and be silly, which is good for all of us. I hope you had a relaxing start to the summer festival season and are as excited as I am for all the upcoming outdoor/musical/community events. See you there!

Eva and Jerry lounging in our hotel.

Eva standing all by herself; giggling! She's been practicing over and over.

Eva listening to a bagpipe and drum band--she LOVED it, though she looks a little concerned here.

Listening to Zimbabwean mbiras (big wooden xylophones) and gourd shakers.