Sunday, March 8, 2009

Eva's Big Oh-Four

(Eva dancing in her new tutu)

So it's taken me two weeks, but I'm finally posting some pics from Eva's 4th birthday party. We had a great party with a lot of our dear friends and family. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, to everyone for coming to celebrate Eva's life with us; for your kind gifts and for your generous donations to the Whatcom Humane Society. We took a collection of animal food and treats and some money to the Whatcom Humane Society. Eva was very excited to gather presents for the animals. This was the first birthday that she really knew what was going on and I'm glad we were able to incorporate the idea of giving to those who are in need.

We encourage you to donate to the Whatcom Humane Society (click here)or to your local humane society. It really is a wonderful thing to see a child give so freely. We should all learn (re-learn) to be more generous and compassionate.

(5 minutes before party time, Eva was still in a diaper and Peacock Lady dress, dancing around the living room with balloons and singing "Hap Burrrday to EVA!")

(The deck was shakin' when the kids got dancing fever. Thank goodness the weather was good so they could run around outside and play on the swing set!)

(Eva blew her candle out by herself this year! She didn't touch the cupcake, though...maybe next year.)